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Charitable Gift Annuity

The Charitable Gift Annuity enables you to support your favourite charity with a substantial gift and enjoy an excellent income for life. A large portion of the income you receive is tax exempt and all donors qualify for a one-time charitable donation receipt for a portion of the donation as well.

Your gift is invested ethically and responsibly by Christian Stewardship Services and you receive a fixed regular income based on your age and rates in effect when your annuity is arranged. This income ends at death and the portion remaining in the Annuity is given your selected charities. Joint Gift Annuities can also be arranged.

Features of a Charitable Gift Annuity

  • guaranteed, excellent income for life
  • irrevocable gift
    income received largely/wholly tax exempt
  • gift not subject to probate
  • charity gets the gift immediately at time of death-no waiting for estate to be settled


Suppose Anna, a widow aged 75 years, has a $20,000 savings bond maturing. She wants to re-invest the money and needs retirement income, but also wants to support Christian causes. She decides to place $20,000 in a Charitable Gift Annuity. Based on her age, she receives an annual income of $1,324.00 of which $1,145.69 is tax free. She also receives a one-time charitable tax receipt in the amount of $5,863.99. She designated that, upon her death, the balance in the annuity goes to Harvest Endowment Founadtion.

What is the Annuity Rate?

Christian Stewardship Services will provide a written quotation outlining the payments to you, the choice of payment frequency and the timing of payments available. The quotation will include a statement advising you as to the portions of payment which are taxable and non-taxable. It will also include the approximate amount of the charitable receipt which will be issued.

The quotation does not constitute an agreement and will contain an expiry date after which the rate may change. Quoted rates do change on a weekly basis.

How are Annuity Rates Set?

Christian Stewardship Services is a member of the Canadian Charitable Annuity Association (CCAA), which sets standards for all its members. They constantly monitor the factors used in setting rates and make recommendations to member charities. CSS supports the CCAA recommendations that you seek independent advice in the acquisition of your annuity, and they comply with the regulation which stipulates that you have 10 days from signing the application to change your mind. If you do so they will return your funds with no fees or penalties applied.

What Guarantees the Income?

The Charitable Gift Annuity payments are not insured by any government program or other organization. The security of annuity payments is guaranteed by the existence of an investment fund of over three million dollars, which is invested in long term provincial government bonds. In addition there is a special annuity reserve of over $300,000. Both funds are identified separately from all the other funds held by CSS. A qualified actuary periodically (at least every 3 years) reviews both the reserve requirements and the investment portfolio. Each such review has confirmed that the fund assets are sufficient to meet all future payments to donors.

What about the issuer?

These gift annuities are issued by Christian Stewardship Services, a charity registered with Revenue Canada under BN# 10692 0309 RR0002. CSS was established in 1976 as a federal non-share corporation. It acts on behalf of over 40 charitable organizations and over 100 Christian Schools which are partnering organizations, their donors and their friends. The annuitant designates the charity or charities of their choice for the ultimate charitable benefit.