How to give

The Bible teaches us that whatever we own, we have received it from our heavenly Father. All our possessions, the abundance with which we have been blessed, comes to us from His hand. In biblical times, stewards were important trusted servants, responsible for their owner's property and affairs. No less today must we be responsible stewards over what we have been given. Part of this responsibility is to work in, and maintain the organizations that work toward the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Harvest Endowment Foundation can assist you in the area of responsible giving.

Gift Planning means structuring your gift to maximize tax benefits and achieve personal financial goals while giving support to causes that are important to you. A planned gift to Harvest Endowment Foundation can be a combination of different gift forms. It may be arranged now as a Gift for the Future, or can be a Gift for the Present providing benefits to the partner charities today.

An outright gift of cash is the simplest way to give for the present. Your gift goes to work immediately in developing the endowment funds of our partner schools and charities. You receive a donation receipt for the full amount you give, resulting in immediate tax savings.

The most common type of a gift for the future is a charitable bequest. It can be as simple as a sentence or two in your will such as: "I give to the Harvest Endowment Foundation the sum of $______ to be treated as capital and invested and the net income there from to be paid to, or used for purposes as Harvest Endowment Foundation from time to time may determine."

Check through this page and find the way of giving that best meets your situation and goals. Visit our contact page to use the response form to request further information to review with your financial advisor or legal professional. You can also contact the Executive Director of the Foundation for further information or assistance.