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Revocable Deposit Agreements

A Revocable Deposit Agreement is a combination of investment and planned gift that is arranged through our partnership with Christian Stewardship Services (CSS). It is especially designed for donors and investors who wish to put their money to work effectively to benefit themselves as well as their favourite charities. CSS pays the donor interest on the deposit at a rate equivalent to the earnings of the CSS restricted portfolio less 1% for administration. The donor will receive up to fifty percent (50%) of the calculated earnings each June and December. The remaining interest earned will be distributed to the charities that the donor has selected.

The donor retains ownership of their deposit and can have it returned upon 30, 60, or 90 days’ notice. The funds on deposit are invested primarily to enable Christian organizations to meet their capital needs through mortgages and loans. Due to the long term nature of these investments, deposit agreements are only for those intending to deposit the money for a number of years.

Features of a CSS Deposit Agreement

  • A sound and consistent investment into the work of charities.
  • Donor retains ownership of principal.
  • Earnings benefit both the donor and the charity. A tax receipt is issued to the donor for the portion distributed to charity as well as the annual CSS administration fee.

How is the Fund Invested?

The Christian Stewardship Services Restricted Fund is made available to partnering charities, churches and Christian schools to assist them in financing their capital needs. Mortgages and loans are extended to these organizations at competitive interest rates, providing CSS investment criteria are met. A copy of the CSS Investment Policy is available on request. The Fund is managed by Christian Stewardship Services’ Investment Committee, comprised of financial industry professionals and members of CSS.

What About the Issuer?

These Revocable Deposit Agreements are issued by our partner Christian Stewardship Services, a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under BN# 10692 0309 RR0002. CSS was established in 1976 as a federal non-share corporation. It acts on behalf of some 40 charitable causes and over 100 Christian Schools which are partner organizations, their donors, and their friends. The donor designates the charity(ies) of their choice for the annual benefit.

Rates of return are published in the annual report, are subject to some change, and are not guaranteed.

Are there any Fees for this Service?

Yes, Christian Stewardship Services charges an annual 1% administration fee on all deposit agreements. CSS partner organizations receive the entire distribution without the assessment of fees.

A semi-annual statement of account is sent to each donor in June and December.


Julia is retired and has a $20,000 savings bond that has matured which paid 3.5%. Upon reinvesting, she opts for a CSS Deposit Agreement which pays her 6% per year. She has decided to support Harvest Endowment Foundation with 50% of these earnings, thereby retaining 3% for herself. She receives a tax receipt each year for this gift CSS has made on her behalf.