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School Support

Assist Parents | Reduce Tuition

Reformed Christian education is a commitment that comes with a significant financial cost. Harvest has created unique tools to support our schools and encourage families. Please join to make your impact!

Accepting support now (living gift) or later (bequest in will).
Efforts currently focused in Ontario and hope to expand out-of-province in the future.

The Funds

Endowment Fund

Interest earnings on donated capital is paid to the school each year.

Benefit: Interest earnings on donated capital is able to benefit the school over a long period

5-Year Deployment Fund

20% of the capital plus the annual interest is paid to the school each year.

Benefit: Fund is very impactful to the school(s) for 5 years. School is able to budget on the pool proceeds each year. Inflation does not erode the purchasing power of the gift.

Tuition Assistance Fund

Funds available to assist qualified, needful families for 20, 35 or 50% of annual tuition.

Benefit: Assists families who need it most. Helps the school obtain new members and reduce arrears.

The above funds are operated on an individual basis for each individual school and also as general funds (supports all 16 member schools) Harvest is also appreciative of donations to support in annual operating costs.

For all gifts or bequests received after September 1st, 2018 we advise the following…


Gifts and donations will be allocated to the fund(s) as specified by written directions, wills, and/or gifting letters.


For all unspecified gifts the Harvest board will allocate 50% to the General Endowment Fund and 50% to the General Capital Deployment Fund.


For specific school gifts the Harvest board will allocate 50% to the school endowment fund and 50% to the schools 5 year deployment fund.


The Harvest board endeavors, subject to it’s gift acceptance policy, to meet all donor gifting instructions, however should a specific school fund cease to operate, the board will decide (in it’s sole discretion) on the next most suitable option.

Harvest is able to receive donations by way of cheque or direct transfer of appreciated securities.

The Harvest board has approved funds for the following schools…


75785 Regional Road 63, R.R. # 1,
Dunville, ON, N1A 2W1
(905) 774-9009

Ambassadors Christian School

2031 Main St,
Stittsville, ON, K2S 1B8

Bellstone Christian School

6025 White Church Rd,
Mount Hope, ON, L0R 1W0
(289) 425-1007

Cornerstone Christian School

108 Forest Street,
Guelph, ON, N1G 1H9
(519) 837-4092

Covenant Christian School

7 Howard Avenue,
London, ON, N6P 1B3
(519) 203-0266

Covenant Teachers’ College

1576 Upper James, St Box 30026,
Hamilton, ON, L9B 2Y5
(905) 385-0634

Credo Christian School

8260 Huntington Road. R.R. # 1,
Woodbridge, ON, L4L 1A5
(905) 851-1620

Dufferin Area Christian School

394016 County Rd 12,
Amaranth, ON, L9W 0N2
(519) 941-4368

Eben-Ezer Canadian Reformed School

485 McNaughton Ave. E.,
Chatham, ON, N7L 2H2
(519) 354-1142

Emmanuel Christian High School

8037 Wellington Road 19, RR # 3,
Fergus, ON, N1M 2W4
(519) 843-3029

Grace Christian School

497 Millgrove Sideroad, P.O. Box 2,
Millgrove, ON, L0R 1V0
(905) 689-3191

Guido de Brѐs Christian High School

1576 Upper James St, Box 30013,
Hamilton, ON, L9B 1K0
(905) 574-4011

Harvest Canadian Reformed Christian School

R.R. #3,
Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5N5
(519) 371-4498

John Calvin School

320 Station Street, P.O. Box 280,
Smithville, ON, L0R 2A0
(905) 957-2341

Maranatha Christian School

8037 Wellington Road 19, RR # 3,
Fergus, ON, N1M 2W4
(519) 843-3029

Timothy Canadian Reformed School

430 East 25th St.,
Hamilton, ON, L8V 3B4
(905) 385-3953

We’ve made it easy to participate…

Here’s how:

  1. Contact us and schedule a consultation.
  2. Choose and finalize the options that best suit you.
  3. Consider our help to make or update a will (complimentary)
  4. Arrange your planned gift for Harvest. Or make a living (current) gift. Or place a deposit with us.

Covenant children are privileged to live in a rich relationship with their Heavenly Father. Supporting reformed christian education, helps them grow in knowledge about Him, His mighty work and a future life of kingdom service.

Help parents with the cost of education, gain peace-of-mind by planning, minimize estate taxes. Your children and your community will thank you!

Spending of funds is confined to board approved programs and projects. Each contribution that is designated towards a board approved fund or program will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a fund or program has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such fund, program or project will be used where needed most. All qualifying gifts are acknowledged and receipted with a tax deductible receipt. Copies of the full financial statements are available upon request.

Harvest Endowment Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the federal government, and registered by Canada Revenue Agency as a public foundation under charities business number 82538 2526 RR0001.

Managed by a volunteer board and officers, the foundation ensures administrative expenses are kept to a minimum. The Harvest Endowment Foundation depends on the support of generous donors.

How to give…

The Bible teaches us that whatever we own, we have received it from our heavenly Father. All our possessions, the abundance with which we have been blessed, comes to us from His hand. In biblical times, stewards were important trusted servants, responsible for their owner’s property and affairs. No less today must we be responsible stewards over what we have been given. Part of this responsibility is to work in, and maintain the organizations that work toward the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. Harvest Endowment Foundation can assist you in the area of responsible giving.

Gift Planning means structuring your gift to maximize tax benefits and achieve personal financial goals while giving support to causes that are important to you. A planned gift to Harvest Endowment Foundation can be a combination of different gift forms. It may be arranged now as a Gift for the Future, or can be a Gift for the Present providing benefits to the partner charities today.
An outright gift of cash is the simplest way to give for the present. Your gift goes to work immediately in developing the endowment funds of our partner schools and charities. You receive a donation receipt for the full amount you give, resulting in immediate tax savings.

The most common type of a gift for the future is a charitable bequest. It can be as simple as a sentence or two in your will such as: “I give to the Harvest Endowment Foundation the sum of $______ to be used for purposes as Harvest Endowment Foundation from time to time may determine.”

Check through this page and find the way of giving that best meets your situation and goals. Visit our contact page to use the response form to request further information to review with your financial advisor or legal professional. You can also contact the Executive Director of the Foundation for further information or assistance.