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Our newest tool is the Harvest Tuition Assistance Program.

Our next round will start June 1st 2022 and run until July 31st 2022, it is meant for families seeking support for the 2022/2023 school year. It provides qualified families with financial assistance of either 20, 35 or 50% of your annual tuition cost! All funded by supporters who care about you and your children. Isn’t this amazing?


We are anonymous supporters and fellow church members within your community. We went through these same schools ourselves and have chosen Reformed, Christian education for our children too. We’ve faced the same financial challenges. And have felt many times that there must be a better way. We wish to support and encourage you as a parent through this Tuition Assistance Fund.

The board of Harvest Foundation invites you to apply for Tuition Support Assistance for your children enrolled at one or more of our 15 member schools (see Funds page for applicable schools). We have contracted with a 3rd party known as Independent School Management and their FAST Platform to assist us in gathering some basic financial information, having them verify it and then apply our Harvest assessment criteria. Your financial information will not be shared with the school board and will be protected according to ISM’s privacy policy on their web site. A small committee from Harvest Foundation will have viewing access on a sample basis to ensure our assessment criteria is being followed. Cost to apply is only $49 per family.

At Harvest Foundation, we know that you want your children to grow up to be discerning young adults, equipped for a life of service. A life in which they show love to their neighbor and honor God. This is why you’ve chosen Reformed, Christian education — a choice that comes with a significant cost. School tuition is expensive and only going up from here. This may be leaving you feeling strained — financially, emotionally and maybe even spiritually. Educating our children in the way of the LORD ought to be a joy!

ISM has staff available to assist in answering questions about the required information. Once your application is complete, ISM staff will verify the information. Harvest will run it’s assessment criteria late July and applicants will be notified by email on approval status. For approved applicants the grant amounts will be paid direct to the school Treasurer with half in August and the remainder in January 2023 for the last 6 months of the 2022/23 school year. The system will communicate all approval result back to you via email.

A few things to consider…

We hope this program can be of benefit to you and your covenant children.

  • Our program seeks to support 3-5% of families at each school.
  • Each school board decides independently if they wish to join our program or not.
  • Support is paid directly to the school board treasurer and the approved amount credited to a families tuition account.
  • The amount is not meant to cover any arears and you will be responsible for the remainder of the monthly tuition costs.
  • A T5007 (Social Assistance Payment Slip) will be issued in the name of the applying parent for amounts provided to the school, each January. This amount to be recorded on annual tax return, but not typically added to taxable income.
  • A family applies once each year, and can apply for multiple schools.
  • To be CRA compliant and for us to receipt 100% of the donation to our donors the following criteria needs to be followed:

    • Anonymity maintained between donor and benefiting families
    • Arm’s length relationship between donor and benefitting family
    • Average tuition assistance granted (approx. 35%) should not encroach on the typical ‘cost-per-student’ education amount of the average families tuition, on an aggregated basis