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Support options that benefit Reformed Education and bring you peace of mind.

Help parents with the cost of education
Gain peace-of-mind by estate planning
Make a deposit that also gives back


Reduce Estate Taxes

Steward Your Gifts

Enjoy Peace of Mind


Each year Harvest gives away approx $900K of earnings to Reformed Christian Schools.

We’re increasing our support to

$1.2 million/year.

You can help.

Three exciting ways you can partner with Harvest

Kingdom Builder



Keep Reformed Education Accessible

We’ve made it easy to participate. Here’s how to get started investing with Harvest.

1 Schedule
a Call

2 Choose Support Option

3 Contribute
with Confidence

1 Schedule
a Call

2 Choose Support Option

3 Contribute
with Confidence


Partnering with Harvest
gives you peace of mind.

  • Plan your will
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Consistent returns
  • Tuition reduces for parents
  • Steward your financial gifts
  • Funds are managed based on Biblical principles
  • Multiple support options are available
  • Knowledgeable team
  • We are a part of your community
  • Reformed confessional foundation
  • Inter-generational Respect

Educating our children in the way of the
LORD ought to be a joy!

…and it is for the 300+ supporters who have already
blessed us with gifts.


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Here is a list of ideas to help plan your estate and will.