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Harvest Deposits

Wish your savings account & deposits could earn you higher returns?

Want to know your funds are used to finance kingdom causes?

What if your own deposits could also earn interest income for our schools?


Amazingly it’s all possible…Harvest Kingdom Builder Deposits

How does it work?

Please contact our executive director for an overview of historic rates. Applications can be completed in a visit, over the phone or by email.

  • Your funds are deposited with our partner charity Christian Stewardship Services (CSS)
  • A pool of $80Mill+ is maintained with 75-80% used to give mortgages to christian churches and schools across Canada
  • 50% of the net interest is paid to you semi-annually
  • 50% of the net interest is paid to Harvest for the benefit of the schools you choose
  • A T5 for the total interest earned and a donation receipt for the portion donated is provided each year
  • CSS requests funds to remain for 2yr minimum, but available sooner if needed
  • Available for individuals, businesses or organizations

Reach out to us and put your money to work in a kingdom way that is Ethical…Smart…Charitable!

Enter your email, name & phone number to receive our downloadable overview.