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Our newest tool is the CCRTC Student Support Program

It is meant to increase the number of students studying at CCRTC with the goal of teaching at a LCRSS school, and thus helping address the shortage of teachers in these schools. Registration opens May 1, 2024 and closes June 30th.  

The Student Support is offered in two ways:

$2,000 base bursary paid toward your CCRTC tuition for each student intending to teach for some 3 years at a LCRSS school. This annual income will be taxable income to the student via a T4A slip from Harvest.

Plus additional $1,2 or $3,000 paid toward your CCRTC tuition, based on assessed need. Eligible students are those whom intend to teach for 3 years at some point(s) in their teaching vocation, at LCRSS schools. Basic financial information (similar to an OSAP application) will be gathered via ISM Fast Aid platform on both the student and their parents. Awards of $1, 2 or 3,000/yr will be paid to CCRTC for credit to the students account. This amount is non-taxable and will be supported by a T5007 (Social Assistance) Slip provided by Harvest.


Applicants will be notified of their bursary & tuition support by early August. The aim of Harvest and our supporting donor is to cover 40-60% of the students CCRTC tuition costs for the years they attend CCRTC. Isn’t this amazing? It’s paid for by supporters who love the work that CCRTC is doing! Our hope and prayer is that this program will increase the number of quality reformed teachers available to teach in our participant schools.

The board of Harvest Foundation invites you to apply for CCRTC Student Support. We have contracted with a 3rd party known as Independent School Management and their FAST Aid Platform to assist us in gathering some basic financial information (similar to OSAP), having them verify it and then apply our Harvest assessment criteria. Your financial information will not be shared with the CCRTC staff or board and will be protected according to ISM’s privacy policy on their web site. A small committee from Harvest Foundation will have viewing access on a sample basis to ensure our assessment criteria is being followed. Cost to apply is only $48 USD per student. A voucher is available from us by email request. For help with the application email

Now more than ever, Reformed Christian schools need well-trained teachers who share their love for God and His rich covenant promises with their students. To make this a reality, young men and women who choose Covenant Canadian Reformed Teachers College (CCRTC) as their pre-service teacher education destination do so because CCRTC “seeks to be the definitive source for Reformed teacher training.” 

Why not prayerfully consider joining the teaching profession? You won’t be disappointed and we’re here to help.

Visit our website to learn more about CCRTC’s programs. Then visit the Harvest Foundation CCRTC Student Support Program to see if it is right for you! 

– CCTRC Principal, Christine VanHalen-Faber

ISM has staff available to assist in answering questions about the required information. It will help if you have your prior OSAP application info handy. For expenses questions; just enter zeros as detail is not needed. And for asset or liability information please just provide estimates. Once your application is complete, ISM staff will verify the information. Harvest will run it’s assessment criteria late July and applicants will be notified by email of approval status. For approved applicants the $2,000 bursary will be paid direct to CCRTC in August. For the additional tuition support of $1,2 or 3,000 it will be paid direct to the CCRTC Treasurer with half in August and the remainder in December for the last 6 months of the school year. The system will communicate an approval result back to you via email.

A few things to consider…

We hope this program can be of benefit to you. Please tell your friends about it!

  •  Our program seeks to support all CCRTC students intending to teach at a LCRSS school.
  •  The $2,000 bursary amount will be paid direct to CCRTC and is applied to the student’s tuition account. A T4A will be issued by Harvest to the student and may be taxable income. 
  •  For the additional $1,2 or $3,000 grant a T5007 (Social Assistance Payment Slip) will be issued in the name of the student, but the amount is paid directly to the CCRTC Treasurer or registrar and applied to the students tuition account. Half is paid on August and the other half in December. This amount to be recorded on annual tax return as a social assistance benefit, but is not typically added to taxable income.
  •  A student applies each year.
  •  To be CRA compliant and for us to receipt 100% of the donation to our donors the following criteria needs to be followed:
    • Anonymity between donor and benefiting students
    • Arm’s length relationship between donor and benefitting family
  • Email for help with the application if needed